Habitat creation and management

We offer a unique service that is run by ecologists with an understanding of and experience in the requirements of natural habitats


Experts in habitat creation and management

Because our habitat management service is run by trained ecologists, you can be assured that all work undertaken will be compliant with wildlife law and that all habitats designed for wildlife will be managed to their fullest potential.

Run by ecologists

After working on a variety of development projects for a number of years, the ecologists at the Ecology Co-op wanted to create a better service than that provided by general landscapers. This new service would ensure high quality habitat creation and management was implemented by specialists with experience working with native species and who understand the requirements of natural habitats. The focus of the Habitat Co-op is therefore to offer a service that is run by individuals with an understanding of and experience in the requirements of natural habitats, particularly those designed as part of a development scheme.

Specialist service

The specialist service provided by the Habitat Co-op is different to that provided by landscaping companies. Whilst the majority of modern landscaped features featuring tightly mown lawns, flower beds and herbaceous borders are created on high fertility growing bases, habitats designed for native planting schemes most often require nutrient poor growing bases. A nutrient-poor growing base is important as this encourages botanical diversity and is further beneficial as it reduces the demand on fertilisers and topsoil importation, which has a negative impact upon the environment.

Conception to completion

The conception to completion service offered by the Habitat Co-op (and its sister company The Ecology Co-op ) for habitat creation can also be extended to cover long-term management. The timing of habitat management is important not just to ensure compliance with wildlife law (especially avoidance of the nesting bird season), but also to ensure that the cutting of wildflower meadows, hedgerows and pond management is appropriately timed so that these habitats achieve their full potential. Poor timing of habitat management can lead to a deterioration of biodiversity, a reduction in flowering plants (and thus aesthetic value) and could impact upon protected species.

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Our Work

Below you’ll find photos of recent projects – including artificial badger sett creation; GCN and reptile fencing; SuDS pond creation and a completed SuDS pond.

“We offer a unique service that is run by ecologists with an understanding of and experience in the requirements of natural habitats.”  

Paul Whitby, Director